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We offer permit assistance to ensure your installation will be compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. Our consulting services provide the expertise you need to complete your marine permits. We also partner with various trusted environmental permitting agencies to help meet the needs of your specific permit.  With ever-changing laws and regulations, our experience and knowledge in working with the Department of State Lands, Army Corp of Engineers, Department of Fish and Wildlife and local governments will prove valuable.  For additional information on getting started please click on the link below.



Maintaining the integrity of the environment we live and work in is important to us. Marine conservation has long been a part of projects throughout our building careers, and we continue to expand these endeavors. Our crews take it upon themselves to routinely remove trash and debris from the bodies of water we visit throughout Northwest.  We believe in taking care of the resources that take care of us and encourage everyone to participate in cleaning up the streams, rivers, and lakes whenever they make a visit.

Trash collects in our waterways and is funneled to the ocean where it becomes an even bigger problem for the ecosystem.    If you are interested in funding clean-up projects or you know of a body of water in need of these services, please contact us.  We can also provide floating dumpsters and or recycling boxes for these types of cleanups using our modular Ez Barges. If you’re interested in adopting a section of your river please check out this website.  https://www.solveoregon.org/oregon-adopt-a-river#River%20nominees


At Oregon Marine Construction we understand that each project is unique, and we work with our customers to design projects with these needs in mind.  We offer a wide range of custom solutions using the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials. We offer our custom built frames in heavy-duty galvanized steel, marine grade aluminum, or cedar timbers in conjunction with fully encapsulated ACE floats for a gorgeous and environmentally sound end product.

If you’re looking for an extremely versatile or DYI -style of project,  we recommend you explore our EZ Dock modular float system.  Oregon Marine Construction serves as Oregon’s EZ Dock distributor. EZ Dock is a roto-molded docking system made from low-linear density polyethylene. Its patented hollow chamber system eliminates the need for foam and other types of floatation. This, combined with light penetration, contributes to its eco-friendly design.

EZ Dock is a low-maintenance and flexible solution for your dock needs. The product can be left in year-round or removed seasonally in areas with greater water level variation. Call us for an estimate on seasonal dock removal and re-installation services. EZ Dock is offered in four different sizes and in both beige and light gray colors. A multitude of accessories are also available including railings, benches, dock boxes, multi-colored solar-powered lights, as well as a variety of EZ ports boats, personal watercraft, and kayaks.  For further details about the EZ Dock products we offer, please visit https://www.ez-dock.com/

Allow us to guide you through your dock building adventure by scheduling a service call for a site survey of your location. Upon completion of the survey, we will be able to recommend a solution that’s right for you and your property.


We offer both residential and commercial aluminum piers, ramps, bridges, and gangways in whatever width or length you desire. Our residential builds are typically 3’ or 4’ wide, and commercial builds can range from 4’ to 8’ in width. Our fabrication teams are proven to create both attractive and durable solutions with your choice of non-slip decking including but not limited to Thru-Flow polyethylene, Fibergrate, and a host of expanded metals.

Not sure what you need? Give us a call and we’ll provide consultation services that will help identify the specifications for your project.  When required we can also provide CAD drawings and complete project engineering for submittal to required governing bodies during the permit process.  Over the years we’ve installed hundreds of both residential and commercial projects including Oregon State University Rowing Club Corvallis, Moe’s Restaurant in Florence,  City of Tillamook ADA Kayak Launch & Netarts Marine & RV Park just to name a few.


Oregon Marine Construction serves the Northwest as the premier distributor of Sunstream, HydroHoist and Ez Dock fixed and floating boat lifts.  The Sunstream product line includes both free-standing and floating boat lift options. Sunstream combines powerful hydraulic technology, durable components and sophisticated engineering to deliver a fast reliable lift and launching experience. These lifts come standard with remote controls and have a host of accessories available including automatic and semi-auto covers, solar power, bow/motor stops, guide-ons and L.E.D. lighting. These lifts are available size ranges from 2000lb to 40,000lbs depending on chosen model.  Please see Sunstream’s official website for more information. https://sunstreamcorp.com/

We also offer a full line of HydroHoist products including the Ultra Lift 2.  The Hydrohoist product line represents the culmination of more than 50 years of design and manufacturing expertise. HydroHoist boat lifts offer air-actuated movement, custom-molded, high-impact polyethylene tanks for superior durability and smart design that keeps galvanized steel parts above water in a standard installation. These lifts come in a variety of models to accommodate low water levels, front or side mounting, and a range of boats from 4,400 lbs. to 32,000 lbs. Check out the full line of HydroHoist products on their website or call us today for more information https://www.boatlift.com/product/ultralift/

Looking for a free floating lift? The HarborHoist by Hydrohoist is one option. HarborHoist lifts are compatible with fixed or floating docks, and work in U-shaped, double-wide, L-shaped and even square dock configurations. The hull supports can be configured for nearly all boat styles, including inboard, wake, pontoon, and tritoon boats. This unit can simply be tied to the dock or use a conventional mooring system. HarborHoist comes standard with a push button control unit and walkways mounted to the top of the tanks that run the full length of the lift for easy access to your boat in both the up or down position. https://www.boatlift.com/product/harborhoist/

EZ Dock Boat Port – Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy. The EZ BoatPort® is a simple and stable drive-on, drive-off method of docking for boats in a wide range of sizes up to 5,000 lbs. Removable and changeable bunks can accommodate hull shapes from flat-bottoms to deep-Vs, making this the perfect choice for boats including skiffs, fishing boats, and jet boats. The EZ BoatPort is also available with side extensions for additional walk-around room and access to the sides of your boat for cleaning, maintenance, and covering.

If you’re looking for a drive-on WaveRunner dock or PWC lifts, EZ Dock offers several choices to accommodate both large and small PWC’s. Our modular configurations work with WaveRunners, Sea-Doo’s, Jet Skis, and many other PWC brands – meaning that if you have a personal watercraft, EZ Dock has a docking solution for you! https://www.ez-dock.com/products/pwc-port/

Ez Dock Kayak – Launch -What’s standing between you and the open water? Inexperience? Cold weather? Remove barriers and launch with confidence anytime with our new EZ Kayak Launch. Using our innovative floating dock design, we’ve engineered a flexible, easy-to-use launch that makes getting into your kayak or canoe quick and simple. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran who needs a little extra assistance, the EZ Kayak Launch allows people of all skill levels to enter and exit with ease. Best of all, you can extend your season into the cooler months without worrying about wet feet!


Our custom-built pile driving barges allow us to travel throughout the state and service large waterways as well as those remote hard to access locations.. Our large barge is fully equipped with a hydraulic crane, pile hammers, plasma cutter, welding equipment, and an array of hydraulic tools for underwater work. We drive new and extract or repair old or damaged piling. We typically drive steel pilings from 3” – 14” in diameter as they will last much longer in a harsh marine environment.

Unable to drive pile at your location or don’t want to inhibit the beautiful view?  We have an underwater solution for this type of occasion.  Check out our SeaFlex mooring system. SeaFlex is an elastic and environmentally friendly mooring solution for any floating application such as docks, pontoons, floating wave attenuators, and buoys.  It’s unrivaled in its ability to keep installations stable and secure even in locations exposed to extreme weather conditions. http://www.seaflex.net/

The Sea-Flex system can be used in conjunction with concrete or mushroom anchors but we recommend upgrading to the Helix Mooring/Anchoring System. Helix anchors have set themselves apart from traditional concrete deadweight and pile anchors which further impact the ecosystem they’re placed in. Helix anchors have very little impact on sensitive ecosystems and offer minimal disturbance to marine life when they are properly installed. Take a look at Helix before making your decision on how to anchor your next marine installation. https://helixmooring.com/


We offer replacement flotation as well as new construction for docks, floating homes, and marinas. For new construction, we always use and recommend ACE encapsulated flotation. Ace foam filled float drums offer long lasting floatation for a variety of new or existing dock systems.  The plastic exterior one piece seamless shell design prevents leakage and separation caused by weak joints.  The drum wall is made of durable polyethylene with ultra-violet inhibitors to prevent damage from the sun, debris, oil, gas, or marine organisms, and is functional in salt or freshwater.  A nominal wall thickness of  .0150 offers a stronger, more durable float for the long run. The top shell is flat with molded in mounting slots for easily attaching to any dock frame.  Ace offers a 15-year warranty on all of its manufactured float drums to the original purchaser. We also offer a host of additional flotation products for your specific project needs including Dow closed cell foam, shrink-wrapped Styrofoam billets, polyethylene air tanks, and more. For more information on these products please check out our online store https://nwmarinesupply.com/product-category/dock-floats-air-tanks/


We fabricate a variety of custom marine parts in our fabrication shops including pile brackets, kayak/paddleboard racks, handrails, bench kits, ladders, boom log stand-offs, and a variety of other marine hardware.  If you need a custom marine part manufactured, give us a call, we may already have a solution in stock!   In addition to new parts, we can often repair damaged parts or accessories.  Our shop has the necessary equipment to complete your project on time.  We are set up with an ironworker, plasma cutters, and a variety of specialty metalworking tools to complete your project.  If you would like your parts hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated, we can facilitate that process through one of our preferred vendors’ programs. Give us a call to discuss fabrication solutions for aluminum, steel, and stainless materials.